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Abstract Argumentation and Modal Logic

Davide Grossi and Carlo Proietti

Week 1, August 3-7, 2020


This course provides an introduction to abstract argumentation and illustrates its points of contact with other formal disciplines such as game theory and, in particular, modal logic. After introducing the basic concepts behind abstract argumentation, we discuss the definition of attack graph and the key notion of solution concept for it. Subsequently, we illustrate the connection of abstract argumentation with the theory of games played on graphs. We then introduce the use of modal logic techniques for the formalization and analysis of abstract argumentation and explore the expressivity of modal languages with respect to the logical space of solution concepts for attack graphs. Finally we explore a number of open research questions in the field, some of the most relevant extensions of attack graphs and their theoretical underpinnings. The course will be taught at the blackboard/whiteboard.



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