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Projective content: From theory to data and back

Judith Tonhauser and Judith Degen

Week 2, August 10-14, 2020


Projective content is utterance content that a listener may take a speaker to be committed to even when the expression associated with the content occurs in an entailment-canceling environment. Well-known classes of projective content are presuppositions and conventional implicatures, but other content may also project, including expressive content, conversational implicatures, as well as aspects of social meaning. This course introduces students to the state of the art in the investigation and formal analysis of projective content: specifically, it introduces students to theoretical analyses of different classes of projective content, to empirical properties of classes of projective content and to how experimental investigations can inform the development of formal analyses of projective content. Whenever possible, the course draws on research on languages other than English to encourage the development of research on projective content in a wider variety of languages. At the end of the course, students are able to develop their own research projects on projective content.


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