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Introduction to Deontic Logic and Its Applications

Réka Markovich and Leon van der Torre

Week 1, August 3-7, 2020


The aim of the course is providing an introduction to deontic logic and its main applications from formal and computational point of view highlighting the basic notions and approaches and surveying the prominent applications of deontic logic: law, AI ethics and social networks. We first examine the building blocks of deontic logics|obligation, preferences, actions|and we introduce the standard system (SDL). Then we present the so-called alternative approach: the rule-based systems discussing the notion of norm, from which we gain the obligation and permission by detachment. We introduce Input/Output Logic, a new standard of the latter type. We discuss three areas of application. By legal applications, we touch upon the formal theory of normative positions.


By social networks we will discuss normative multi-agent systems; concerning
ethics, we discuss the formal reconstruction of conflicting norms and moral dilemmas
introducing a methodology to resolve these among stakeholders of AI systems.


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